събота, 7 април 2012 г.

Haiku Heights - FORGIVE

forgiving the fate
I follow my path ahead
searching my soul mate

Diana Teneva

Written for  Haiku Heights

April  Heights - Day 7 - #119- FORGIVE

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  1. Oh, so generous of you :-D Very smart haiku. Bravo!

    Mariya Koleva

  2. I like the forgiving the fate...though at the end, its our choice ~ Nice one ~

  3. I hope you will find your soul mate. Great haiku.


  4. Very brave..but then I have a strong feeling that one need not go in search of a soulmate..one is bound to meet even if it is for a second..the intensity and vibrations reach...and then move on.. that's it..

  5. I am with you on this one. Special haiku from you. Thank you.

  6. Such a different concept, forgiving the fate, loved it.

  7. I find it hard to be forgiving toward fate. I guess I'm too much of a fighter!

    Will She Forgive Us?


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