сряда, 4 април 2012 г.

Haiku Heights - DOUBT

rusty jealousy
devouring us … out of doubt
courtesy is dead

Diana Teneva

Written for Haiku Heights

The April Heights - Day 4 - #116 - DOUBT  

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  1. Wonderful!
    Not yet ready with mine...

    PS. I found you on FB, but can't make friends there. Would you consider me? I'd like to connect there, too.
    Mariya Koleva (profile photo of me with a baby - both wearing yellow)

  2. I enjoyed your haiku. Jealousy is such a poisonous feeling and you are right it can devour us.

  3. To include "jealousy" and "courtesy" in the same 17-syllable gathering is quite a feat!

    Cactus Did Not Doubt