събота, 14 април 2012 г.

Haiku Heights - AURA

 black chaotic noise –
child seeking his voice in it …
indigo aura

Diana Teneva

Written for:
Haiku Heights
April  Heights - Day 14 - #126 - AURA

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  1. There's something kind of sad and haunting in this for me.

  2. Thanks!

    @ ArtMuseDog and Carol - yes, it's a kind of magic to search
    your own voice in the whole cacaphony!

    @ PattiKen - maybe it's a little bit sad but still there is some optimism in the indigo aura!!!

  3. I couldn't immediately reach it..but then others here helped me.. you have created something beautiful..

  4. this is tense and forceful and full of emotion, great read!

    1. Yes, it is full of emotions! Thank you for visiting my blog!!!


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