събота, 2 юни 2012 г.

silence locked in

silence locked in
a fortress…words in battle
to come out of me

Diana Teneva

Written for:

#147 - LOCK

#322 - Fortress

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  1. "L'homme va dans la foule bruyante pour noyer sa propre clameur de silence" dit Rabindranath Tagore dans ses Oiseaux Errants (Jonacki)

    Silence enfermé
    dans une forteresse… mots en bataille
    pour sortir de moi

    1. Merci, Claude! Vos commentaires sont toujours beaux! Je vous remercie pour la traduction aussi!

  2. I like this...it leaves me with a special feeling...interesting

  3. I can totally relate to this, i too find it hard to speak.. :) amazing one!

  4. Very true, inner struggles are many more than the outer world struggles, words of wisdom!

  5. Reflection is good!! Silence can be a fortress yet it can also be viewed as a healer, and way to freedom ~~
    Flaming Locks

  6. Oh very good, well done, Diana! Perfect choice of words.

  7. I see this two ways:

    The first, a battle to get words to come out when you cant make it to... which is really tough..

    The second, keeping the urge to keep silent locked in a fortress, and the words that'll fight the battle to take centre stage!

    both ways, I love your thought! So.. profound!

  8. Like a caged bird... anything suppressed is bound to find its way out! Very well done!

    Flavors of experience!


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